What are those side muscle things called and why do they drive us wild? (Photo by M.V. Jantzen via CC)

One of the few new fall shows I’m looking forward to is 2 Broke Girls, which focuses on the adventures of two waitresses, one highly raised and one working class, who are trying to get by in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

I am mostly excited about one of the series’ leads, Kat Dennings (on whom I’ve got an enormous girl crush), I think the promo video is funny at times and shows a lot of promise.

More importantly, it identifies that unnamed body part that is inexplicably attractive to all walks of women folk.

When asked what she (Max/Kat Dennings) saw in her cheating, Jersey Shore-esque boyfriend, she starts rubbing the sides of her abdomen and says, “He had these muscle thingies…I don’t know what those are called but they make smart girls stupid” (At appx. 3:40)

Ladies, what are those things called? And why do we find them so irresistible?

One of my small gripes with this promo — the subway car that Max takes to and from work. What’s with all of the graffiti? That’s a pretty rare sight on NYC subways these days. This fictional subway makes you think you’re watching a period piece about New York in the 80s when you couldn’t leave your radio in your parked car, when you were more likely to bump into a hooker than a tourist in Times Square — you know that time that every newcomer to the city who never lived through the Koch administration is nostalgic for?

To those folks, I call on David Rakoff to provide my response — “Oh, I really miss the days when those 12-year-old runaway girls worked in peep shows! So authentic and gritty. Fuck you, Disney! Nostalgia’s a sucker’s game.” (From his recent interview in New York Magazine.)


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