Coming to the end of vocabulary week here at The Anti-Girlfriend. For the final entry, we’ve got the compound term, girlfriend-prone:

1. A woman who, like someone klutzy, is always a hop, skip, jump and fall away from her next relationship. She is highly susceptible to becoming romantically entangled for a variety of reasons — she is compatible with most of humanity, she can’t dine alone, she is fond of regular sex. These would all make one “girlfriend-prone.”

2. A man, who like his female counterpart, finds himself attached to a girlfriend before the previous one barely faded from memory. Or to put it into the common parlance, he’s a boyfriend.

Now, an example.

Someone who’s girlfriend-prone might laugh at all of his jokes even if they aren’t funny.

(Via Shmitten Kitten)

But someone girlfriend-prone would never laugh like that!

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