Sing it, Anti-Girlfriend! (Photo by Scott St. John via CC)

I don’t write poetry. When asked why not, I tell people that the last time I tried to create deeply felt verse, I was a senior in high school being forced to do so by my English teacher for the school wide poetry contest. I ended up placing 3rd for a poem that sounded like it had been ripped from the pages of my diary. All angst and teenage drama. (In all fairness to my diary at the time, it also included my daily caloric intake amounts in the margins. This was the last time I was good at math.) In other words, as I often quip, my poetry sounded like “a bad Avril Lavigne song.”

This is unfair to Ms. Lavigne, especially since I listened to her songs when I was in college (!) and wished to look as good in baggy pants as she did. (You need to be really thin to make that look cute.)

And then there’s her song off her second album, “Girlfriend,” which borrows heavily from “Hey Micky” on the chorus and is very catchy.

It’s also pretty decent anthem for any aspiring anti-girlfriend.

She’s like so whatever/You can do so much better.

Not that I advocate boyfriend stealing but does anyone else miss faux punk rock Avril?

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