This week The New York Times reported about the demographic in U.S. that is being ignored — no, not children or minorities. Rather it’s the single ladies (and men) whose needs are being ignored.

Though single people are often accused of being self-involved and other moral failings such as being “too picky,” this is not at all congruent with the reality, Dr. Naomi Gerstel has pointed out:

Yet as she and other experts note, single people often contribute more to the community — because once people marry, they tend to put their energy and focus into their partners and their own families at the expense of friendships, community ties and extended families…

“It’s the unmarried, with or without kids, who are more likely to take care of other people,” Dr. Gerstel said. “It’s not having children that isolates people. It’s marriage.”

But with the push for marriage equality for homosexuals (yay!), the needs of the 100 million unmarrieds are being swept aside.

Perhaps we need some landmark legislation to help us out — No Single Left Behind.

That worked for the kids, right?

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