To Cook a Bachelor's Goose (Photo by Tova S.)

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” or so the saying goes.

Well, I’ve tried that tack and even though I bake incredible chewy chocolate chip cookies (ask any of my friends), this hasn’t really accomplished all that much other than making my friends and former students incredibly happy, which is actually a pretty worthwhile end in and of itself.

Anyway, a good friend dutifully photographed several pages of To Cook a Bachelor’s Goose, a cookbook by Ruth G. Satzman from 1969, thinking that this would be exactly what the Anti-Girlfriend wouldn’t (or would if she was feeling particularly snarky) use to get a man.

Let’s take a quick look at the introduction to this tome:

Ruth has more than just culinary tips -- she offers man-getting suggestions to the singleton.

Catch your bachelor with a winsome smile, and he’ll resent the first frown you toss him. Corner him with clever chatter, and he’ll be hopelessly bored when you’re in a meditative mood. Wow him with a fabulous figure and you’ll panic if you gain a pound. But catch a man with creative cooking, and he’s caught forever…

Ah, because the worst thing you can be as a woman is inconsistent. If he met you in a smiley mood, you must always smile. You’re a lady, which means you cannot have more than 1-2 emotional states. Remember that!

Ruth continues:

So if a day comes when you wonder why you aren’t married, look in the kitchen, not the mirror. Then bait your own brand of tender trap with the recipes you’ll find on the following pages.¬†

¬†Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll put up more of the scanned and photographed pages, courtesy of the fabulous Tova S., so you can try your hand at some of the recipes and report back if they work on the guy you just met on OkCupid.

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