I had the good fortune of meeting Vanessa Hidary — better known as the Hebrew Mamita — at a post-Yom Kippur break fast. I was pretty excited since I absolutely adored her poem, “PhD in Him.”

Figures that two big mouthed Jewish women would meet over smoked fish (lox, whitefish and sable!).

Check out Vanessa’s performance:

I’ll confess to having sent this clip to one friend who was spending far too much time analyzing the actions of her boyfriend. She was doing the type of upper-level analysis and thought that Einstein used to demonstrate the theory of relativity. I mean, the brainpower she devoted to trying to figure out why he did what he did (especially as pertained to her) could’ve lit up a small city.

Of course, we’re all pretty guilty of this which is why this video is so relatable.

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