Kathy Griffin lives on the D List, not the Z List (photo by gdcgraphics)

If you’re like me, you don’t like to even scroll past the names of guys you dated who treated you crappily or with whom things ended badly, which can happen while you’re searching absentmindedly through your cell phone’s directory. I tend to do this a lot–scrolling through the address book searching for numbers to delete while waiting for friends. I’m generally early and they are late so I often find myself with time on my thumbs. I should add that I don’t own a smart phone so my device has view ways to entertain me.

Though I sometimes delete these numbers while I’m waiting, it’s not necessarily the wisest move. If I don’t have their numbers anymore, I can’t screen should any of these dudes call. This was what happened with the guy who named me the Anti-Girlfriend. I deleted his number when he returned to Los Angeles during a cell phone purge, which is why I didn’t know who it was months later when he called.

My brilliant friend told me how she has solved this particular cell phone problem–the Z list.

She adds a “Z” in front of the names of all these guys–ones she doesn’t want to scroll past and be reminded of, or ones that she doesn’t want to scroll past and be tempted to call. The added “Z” sends the guy down to the bottom of my directory, which I rarely ever get to anyway.

This way, they’re out of sight and mostly out of mind, but still can be screened. That’s life on the Z List.

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