Miss Piggy, Muppet Anti-Girlfriend of 2011

In this new recurring feature on the Anti-Girlfriend, I will highlight figures of pop cultural import that live up to the ethos of the site’s name. Feel free to suggest your nominations for pop culture anti-girlfriends in the comments. This week’s honoree (and star of the much anticipated new Muppets movie) is Miss Piggy. 

When I was a kid, Miss Piggy was my favorite Muppet. I had a stuffed version of her that was grimy and greyish by the time I had outgrown playing with toys. (I still, however, sleep with stuffed animals because I simply do not otherwise know what to do with my arms while in bed. I need to be clutching something.) I loved her because she was fashionable, funny, and loud. She was the Muppet version of me.

Now you might be wondering–doesn’t she relentlessly chase Kermit the Frog around, trying to rope him into marriage?  That doesn’t exactly typify anti-girlfriend behavior. Nor does her prefix, “Miss,” which simply her announces her lack-of-relationship status to the world instead of the much more ambiguous “Ms.”

But it’s precisely because she is not a Rules girl that makes her a great example of an anti-girlfriend. Miss Piggy doesn’t play games. She simply goes after what she wants. Now, whether or not Kermit the Frog is worthy of her affections is a different matter altogether.

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