Your resource for Thanksgiving dinner?

Thanksgiving is certainly not a sexy holiday. Stuffing oneself with turkey, yams and pie is hardly an attractive activity, and the post-meal stuffed gut doesn’t go well with skinny jeans. (Or really, any jeans.)

Thankfully, most of us end up at our family’s homes where we are unlikely to meet someone worth trying to impress so I don’t have to bother with deodorant or matching socks tomorrow. My nieces don’t care if I smell funny while I play Barbies with them.

But for those of for whom Thanksgiving is yet another day at the meet (or should I say turkey?) market, here are some more pages out of Ruth G. Satzman’s book, To Cook a Bachelor’s Goose.

Here’s a recipe for “Lazy Garlic Bread”  (is there any other kind?), a perfect Thanksgiving complement for the meal.

“Man may not live by bread alone,” Satzman writes, “but you can butter him up very nicely by serving this Lazy Garlic Bread.”

But if for some reason, you do manage to stumble into some romance, be sure to brush your teeth before things progress too far.

Lazy garlic bread (Photos by Tova S.)

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