I haven’t yet purchased anything for Black Friday–since most of what I want/need are electronic items and gadgets, I’ve decided to wait until Tech Monday to buy stuff.

But if I put on my Anti-Girlfriend glasses for a moment then I would buy this fabric to fashion into a miniskirt, halter top or anything else really skimpy:

Plate Dating

From Spoonflower’s website, here’s the description of “Plate Dating”:

“You are what you eat.”, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”, “How’s about you buy me dinner and I buy you breakfast, Hotlips?”, “Bite me.” What do all of these idioms have in common? They are all proof of how much stock a man puts in his fodder. As such we introduce the only 100% accurate dating service guaranteed to lead you to Mr. Right. True love is not a matter of the heart, it is a ride down the large intestine.

Once again, I must credit Tova S., who alerted me to the existence of the cookbook, To Cook a Bachelor’s Goose and took all of those wonderful photos that I’ve featured on the site, for showing me this link and fabric.

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