Ben and Felicity hug it out. Again.

It’s amazing what you forget about a show after having not seen it for years. Having just sat through four seasons of the show, I am shocked that I had forgotten about two things that come up fairly often–accidental pregnancy and extra-long hugs.

There are no contraceptive mishaps in the first season though Julie does have to take emergency contraception after her date rape during the characters’ freshman year.

But in the second, third and fourth seasons have more than a couple of “oops, I might be pregnant” moments. First you got Ruby’s accidental pregnancy, which she decides to carry to term despite being a freshman in college.

Then you’ve got Felicity’s drunken night at the frat house after which she wakes up in someone else’s bed. Cue the EC.

Then comes her tryst with Noel on the roof and her pregnancy scare (also paternity scare since she is not sure who the maybe fetus belongs to–boyfriend Ben or flingee Noel).

And finally there’s the accidental pregnancy that separates Ben and Felicity at end of the series–his impregnation of older woman Lauren, played House’s Lisa Edelstein. And this counting doesn’t include the accidental pregnancy that Ben admits to Noel during sophomore year. Not a huge number but it certainly feels like there are more pregnancy scare moments than on other shows. Other than the typical college existential crises–what should I do with my life, who should I be with, etc–pregnancy does seem to drive a lot of drama on this show.

Perhaps Felicity overused the “accidental pregnancy” story line because this was not a show comprised of manipulative characters, ala Gossip Girl. The writers wanted to keep the drama alive without turning their characters into the schemers that populate most soaps. (Also, remember, with the exception of Megan’s Wiccan spells, this isn’t a show about the supernatural so they can’t utilize demons and vampires to up the drama quotient.) Pregnancy is more than a crisis of feeling and emotion like the rest that plague the characters who are trying to sort out there lives in the most earnest of terms. It’s physical and all too real.

Onto…long hugs

If I decided to play a drinking game in which I took a drink every time the characters hugged with extra feeling–eyes closed, an embrace above five seconds–I wouldn’t make it through two episodes before I passed out drunk. This is especially true of Ben and Felicity, who seem to hug it out more than they kiss it out or sex it out.

At first, I thought this was cute but as the seasons progressed and the hugs piled up, I started rolling my eyes at the nonstop “meaningful” hugging that was always accompanied by some sweet music that morphed into the Ben-Felicity love theme. It seemed that nearly every episode had at least one at the end–sort of like the “lesson” moment at the end of an episode of Full House except that instead of Danny Tanner having a sit down with DJ or Michelle, you’ve Ben and Felicity squeezing tight with deep feeling. At some point, I just started yelling “please go fuck each other” at my computer screen. I didn’t pay to watch two attractive people hug.

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