Are you a romantic talisman for others? (Photo by timtak via CC)

A friend recently told me that the last four girls he went out with have gotten engaged in the past 12 month period. (One, he concedes, was just a hook-up.)  This sounded very familiar.

Starting in college, my roommates had a lot of luck in the engagement department after living with me, no hookup required–at least with me.

I can count at least four former roommates who have gotten betrothed immediately after living with me or during the period we co-habitated.  I was an engagement talisman in roommate form. All you had to do was put up with my endless chatter about gymnastics and periodic bouts of dancing in the common area and you snagged the love of your life.

Nowadays, I live by myself so if I do end up engaged, I will have become my own talisman.

Sort of like how this guy became his own grandfather.

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