Two for the price of one?

File this under: the awesome conversations I sometimes get to participate in

Last week I went to dinner with a friend and a friend of his from college. I quickly discovered that she is a sassy, talkative Jewess like yours truly. Naturally, the two of us took over the polite, totally suitable for a restaurant in public conversation.

I told S. about this site (because I’m a shameless self-promoter and am always searching for validation) and mentioned a post from last week about the so-called “reparation sex,” which inspired her to tell me the following anecdote.

She had been hooking up with a guy, who excitedly admitted to her that he had never been with a Jewish girl before.  “You know that we’ve got two vaginas, right?” S. informed her would-be-suitor.

And there you have it guys–if you sleep with a Jewish woman you will have to do twice the work.

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