To start, I hate the term “crush”–not in the “I will crush you in this race” sense of the word but the way it is used to describe being “in like” with another. Something about it sounds so childish, so schoolgirl-esque. I feel like I am far too old to use this word to describe any feelings I might feel for a member of the opposite sex. But without any better word out there to describe this state, I suppose I will have to make do with “crush.”

Now that I’ve cleared up my feelings about “crush” I will get to my point–low grade crushes.

At any given time, I have many of what I’ve termed “low grade crushes.” ┬áLike a fever of the same variety, a low grade crush is mild, non-life threatening. The object of a low grade crush does not consume my thoughts hourly. I don’t stalk their Facebook profile for photos of potential significant others. (Well, maybe a little bit.) His presence merely makes those times I bump into him slightly more exciting. I get a small flush when I’m around him as though I have a fever of sorts. When I leave the room or he leaves, my symptoms miraculously subside, no Tylenol necessary.

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