I turn 29 today. Since my birthday is so close to the Gregorian new year, I feel like I’ve written a couple “summing up” posts, assessing the past year and where I hope to head and don’t need to repeat myself here.

So I will just post some No Doubt. Specifically, “Ex-Girlfriend,” my favorite song from The Return of Saturn. (A close second from that album is “Bathwater.”)

Gwen Stefani was one of the first pop singers with whom I truly identified.  I loved her tomboyish spunk on Tragic Kingdom, the fact that she did pushups in the video for “Just a Girl.” I was in junior when that album came out and prided myself on my athletic abilities more than on my appearance.

Return of Saturn, the follow-up to Kingdom, came out in 2000, just as I was graduating from high school. Ms. Stefani, on the other hand, was turning 29 and according to astrological lore, it takes Saturn 29 years to go around the sun. Hence the title of the album. But I didn’t appreciate it when it came out since Stefani and I were clearly in different life stages when I first heard it.

However even if I couldn’t appreciate the revelation in the lyrics, I did like her style–the extreme makeup, the pink hair in tight braids (years later I would dye my own pink but wore it in loose curls), funky clothes.

Now I’m the same age as Stefani and Saturn is returning for me for the first time as it did for her. This first return trip is supposed to signify the end youth and the journey into adulthood, which is something I’ve felt coming for awhile now. I don’t feel old but I am no longer young. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Onward into adulthood!

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