Photo by bored-now via CC

A few days ago I started receiving Valentine’s Day emails from internet retailers, which is around the time it start raining in New York City. Coincidence? I think not.

It’s no secret that the dateless are not fans of V-Day (except for the excellent chocolates that goes on sale after the day has passed). And in our disapproval we are joined by Asiatic republic of Uzbekistan. You know, that country whose name Herman Cain mocked and mangled.

The Russian news agency RIA-Novosti cited several local media in the Central Asian nation reporting Tuesday that Uzbekistan has canceled concerts and other events for Valentine’s Day. Instead, residents in the capital of Tashkent can enjoy readings of poems by Mughal emperor Babur, who died in the 16th century.

The unofficial ban on romance-related festivities echoes long-standing antagonism in Uzbekistan toward the holiday. Last year, the Turkiston newspaper described Valentine’s Day as the work of “forces with evil goals bent on putting an end to national values.” [CBS News]

I couldn’t have said it better myself as long as the national values we’re talking about is the right to not have others’ romantic bliss painted in red and shoved in my face. That’s a value, right?


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