Where do all the broken hearts go? (Photo by bored-now via CC)

Last week as I was sitting in my “coffice,” new art was being hung on the walls. (This is Brookyn. Coffee shops act as cultural centers, too.) Comic artist and playwright, Nikole Beckwith was hanging small, colorful postcards on the wall from her series, “I hope we can still be friends.” (Check out her hilarious Tumblr here.)

All of the postcards are simply drawn–a sad sack heart, an Eeyore-like pessimist, succinctly stating all that is worrisome and terrible about love. Every once in awhile, however, there is one that is just a little bit sweet and hopeful, which makes those cards all the more romantic.

As for me, I will spend my Valentine’s Day in an airplane en route to Boulder, Colorado. I just discovered that it is quite cheap to fly on V-Day despite its proximity to Presidents’ Day Weekend, which is a nice treat for any single person who won’t be receiving any gifts or flowers today. You can simply send yourself to another place.

And in memory of Whitney Houston, here’s “Where do broken hearts go?” a song quite fitting for this day, at least for some.

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