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So it seems that post-Scarlett Johansson Ryan Reynolds has entered the online dating fray, at least according to this obviously fake profile FEMA Fatale found. (I suppose you have to be an OkCupid member to view the profile.)

Hi my name is Ryan Reynolds (can’t believe I spelled it wrong on my username haha) I am an actor in NYC shooting a film, I am very active and like to party when ever I get a chance.

Despite his attractiveness, I wouldn’t reply to a message from this Ryan. His use of “haha” is about as grating as anyone who write “lol” to me in a message. You shouldn’t use those expressions in communication with those you don’t know, certainly if you’re not under the age of 13 (and if you are, you shouldn’t be on OkCupid. Or Facebook for that matter, but that’s a rant for another day).

I’m surprised that “Ryan” didn’t write, “I can’t believe I’m trying online dating” somewhere in his self-summary as do many guys who use the site but somehow feel above it. (By the way, that’s also a big turn-off. By definition, if you have to put up a profile, you’re not too good for online dating.) If there is anyone out there that is “above” online dating, it is likely Ryan Reynolds is one of those men. (Ryan Gosling also might not have to resort to online dating if he ever breaks up with Eva Mendes.)

In general, I’m disappointed with the profile. Someone clearly went to the trouble to create one but then filled it with pretty banal stuff about acting, directing and being hot, all stuff you knew if you check . If you’re going to go through all of the trouble of making this profile, I would have liked to see the joke taken further, to the extreme. In the “Most Private Thing I’m Willing to Admit” section I would’ve enjoyed seeing “Ryan” admit to betting on dog fights or hating his home country of Canada. (How can anyone hate Canada?) Opportunity missed.

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