Photo by Rachelle B.

This was photo was taken in NYC’s very own underground meat market–a subway station. Though I have never dated anyone I’ve met on the subway, I do spend an inordinate amount of time staring at attractive men reading the New Yorker during my commute. Sometimes they notice me–and move to a more distant seat.

Anyway, the dude that posted this sign in the subway station is even more creepy than I am but perhaps more effective–who knows? I wish it had been one of those signs with the little tabs with numbers you can rip off so we could see how many people were at least interested enough to take one.

Not only does he provide not one but two numbers to reach him at (presumably a home and cell, which makes me think he ain’t that young because who under the age of 30 has a landline?), he also suggests several different types of dates–from coffee to ice cream to a walk to a smoke to a soda date. (Unless he finds an old timey diner with a soda fountain, I have trouble envisioning what a soda date would look like.) All of this is presumably foreplay for the one night stand that is the point of the whole evening and the sign he posted.

Is this strategy more or less effective than internet dating? Hard to say. It’s certainly harder to be “found out.” Your friends are unlikely to see your sign in the subway and figure out it’s you. No one knows their friends’ phone numbers by heart anymore (though I still can recall some of my childhood friends’ numbers). Whereas on the internet, since photos accompany profile, I have seen many of my friend’s dating ads, which I pretend to not have seen. It’s a favor I hope they will pay me by not going through mine.

Maybe papering the walls of the MTA stations with my phone number is the way to go. At least that would ensure that he’d have to call instead of message you endlessly online.

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