Got a Bayer aspirin caught between my knees

This year for Jewlloween (a costume holiday for Jews which commemorates yet another time an enemy tried to massacre us and failed), my costume was slightly political.

Inspired by Rick Santorum backer, Foster Friess, the lovable old man who told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell that he didn’t what the big deal about contraception was since in his day, women just held an aspirin between their knees as a form of birth control.

What a great idea, I thought. Purim is a holiday when one tends to drink to excess which might lead to encounters of a sexual nature with someone dressed up as a character from a comic book. Why not be safe?

Which is how I came to wear my rockabilly dress with an overlarge Bayer aspirin taped to the front. My pickup line that night: Hey boys, don’t worry. I’m on the Pill.

For some reason, they weren’t reassured by this. I guess stuff has changed since Foster Friess’ freewheeling youth.


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