Via Shlooby Kitten

The emphasis being on “dummies.” When it comes to flirting, it seems that I either go one of two ways. I either “come on too strong,” making it plain that if the present object of my affection is interested, I’d jump at the chance to meet him for drinks or coffee or a Las Vegas chapel for a quickie wedding.

Alternatively, I might go the other route, which I’ll term “subtle” but some might call “imperceptible.” I’ll stare and glance and look up, thinking that the guy can only interpret it one way–that I like him. I don’t consider the alternatives such as that I could be looking at him cause his fly is open or there is something caught in his snaggle tooth. Or that I’m actually looking past him, to some unseen person standing behind him.

Yet even if he does pick up on my cues and is interested, he’d have to be a braver sort of bloke than I am.

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