Staplers instead of stalker, an innocuous mistake.(Photo by ramseymohsen via CC)

Allow me to start by saying that I don’t have an iPhone so I don’t have firsthand experience with the frustrations of this thing called “Auto Correct” (though I have heard ample complaints about it from my friends). Nevertheless, I’ve very much enjoyed perusing through text conversations that Damn You, Auto Correct! highlights, especially the ones that have taken on an accidentally sexual tone (which is to say all of them).

After reading many months worth of these, I started wondering–how could Auto Correct be so laughably bad? Isn’t anyone trying to fix this? Would it really confuse a commonly used word with ones that suggest sexual acts I’m not brave enough to try? Or are some of these exchanges made up for a laugh, for the purpose of getting onto the website, sort of like the letters that get published in Penthouse, which are obviously fabricated. Or those of you former Seventeen readers out there, I always felt similarly about the letters that teen girls supposedly sent in about embarrassing things that have happened to them, typically involving a nip slip or a tampon falling out of a purse at an inopportune time. Oh, to be 16 and so easily traumatized. Of course there were more bizarre stories that seriously strained credibility but at 12, I ate it all up. I really believed that a maxi pad could easily snake its way down your pant leg and onto the bottom of your shoe. At the time, I never paused to doubt any of it. Gullible? Yes (and I still am).

So Damn You, Auto Correct–all fact or occasional hilarious fiction?


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