A potential suitor? (Photo by easylocum via CC)

I have the good fortune of living around the corner from an excellent, neighborhood pharmacy where I fill all of my prescriptions. (Most recently– $120 eye drops that come in a thimble sized bottle. In addition to clearing up my allergy related conjunctivitis, these babies better turn my irises purple and curl my lashes.)

Since I’ve been frequenting this pharmacy for over two years (well thankfully not frequenting it but you know what I mean), most of the employees there know me. And one of the pharmacist seems to have developed a crush on me. When I come in to drop off a prescription, he always steps out from behind the counter to ask me how I’m doing, ask me how my writing is going and what I’m up to for the holidays. (He’s also asked me several questions about my childhood and discovered that we share similar religious backgrounds. Guess what? We’re both Jewish. Time to procreate for continuity’s sake!) He’s also gone out of his way to reduce costs for me, calling my doctor unasked to see if there is a different drug she could prescribe that would be less costly, which I obviously greatly appreciate it.

But if he ever worked up the nerve to ask me out (and if I was interested) could I date someone who fills my prescriptions and is privy to all kinds of medical information about me? I mean, in addition to eye drops and some high dose painkillers, the guy has also filled several scripts for yeast infection medication (TMI much?) and birth control pills (so he thinks I’m a dirty slut and have a lot of the sex). I know that your significant other eventually finds out all of this stuff anyway, but I think I’d rather later in the case of romantic entanglements.

I guess the same question goes for other medical professionals with intimiate knowledge. Could you date your pharmacist or doctor or physical therapist?

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