Photo by C.P. Storm via CC

Today is National Cleavage Day and for someone who has been an A cup since high school, you might think that I don’t have much to celebrate. But while I have at times been insecure about my nose, my hair color and my weight, I have never been insecure about the size of my breasts.

Just as there are many reasons to be happy to be busty, there are also many reasons why a woman would be pleased to have less.

Here are just a few:

1. Exercise is easier

I’ve always been an active person, no doubt aided by the fact that I have very small breasts. For years, I did gymnastics, a sport that favors that those that are less chest-acular. Though I no longer do gymnastics cause I’m old, I still appreciate my small boobs. When I run, I never worry about bouncing breasts, only my arthritic left knee. And when I can’t find iPod exercise armband, I just slip my Nano into my sports bra because it’s not like it has that much to hold up anyway.

2. Backless tops

I really love my muscularly defined back and take any and every opportunity to show it off. Perhaps I developed this habit because I have little cleavage to speak of but I like to think I would show off my back regardless of what I have going on up front. And because bras are tricky to wear when you go backless, I’m fortunate that for me a bra is optional and in those tops, I often opt to not wear one.

3. Money saved

I have several friends that have to buy expensive, supportive bras from specialty shops where you get measured by old, Jewish women. I, on the other hand, ┬ácan walk into American Apparel, buy two cloth triangles attached by a string and call that a “bra.”

I don’t really buy bras that help enhance my bust. One time I went to Victoria’s Secret and asked for a lined bra, as opposed to a padded one with underwire. The saleswoman looked me up and down and said, “You could use padding.” Fortunately I was not some insecure teen buying a bra who would’ve dissolved in a puddle of tears upon hearing this. (Anyway, I wore “almost As” for most of my teenage years and wasn’t able to shop at Victoria’s Secret.) I was already in my 20s and felt fine about my bust size. I politely asked her if she worked on commission. She said she did. And then I left without purchasing anything.

I have never considered plastic surgery. Maybe there have been guys that didn’t want to date me because they found me somewhat lacking in the bust department but I don’t know who they are because they never gave it as a reason for dumping or not returning my texts. (I wonder how I would react if I ever received a text that said something along the lines of “It’s not me, it’s your breasts.”)

So go ahead and celebrate National Cleavage Day even if your breasts have never gotten you out of a speeding ticket. They’re still real and fabulous.

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