In today’s Daily Mail, Samantha Brick writes about how persecuted she is by other women because she is tall, blonde and physically fit. Not a model but you know, prettier than the rest of mere mortal females, which is why we all supposedly hate and mistreat her.

The essay is filled with many self-aggrandizing gems. She has never been a bridesmaid because she would outshine the bride. (So that’s why my sister chose me as her maid of honor. Not because my mother made her but because I was just ugly enough for the job.) She gets pushed out of photos. And older women especially despise her. “I find that older women are the most hostile to beautiful women — perhaps because they feel their own bloom fading,” she writes.

I’m not saying that this woman has received no ill treatment some of which is perhaps due to her looks. Women can be catty and act out of insecurity just like men often do. But it takes a certain kind of person to interpret all slights as being the result, not of something she did or said, but stemming from (and only from) her attractiveness. And that’s the type of ungenerous person that few people like.

I’m not advocating that we treat attractive women poorly. I consider many of my friends to be very beautiful people and don’t dislike them for it. But I don’t like them because of it either. Rather I like them because they are also smart, funny, generous, kind and caring. You know, for the same reasons that most people choose their friends.

Perhaps Brick, having spent her entire life being told how attractive she is, thinks that this is the only thing she brings to the table and therefore must be the source of all the animosity she’s feeling. Of course, it couldn’t possibly be her winning personality that would lead her to write an article like this.


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