A short story: Boy meets girl. Boy asks girl out. Boy and girl have a lovely time on a date. Next day, girl texts to thank boy for drinks and the good time. Boy thinks girl is crazy, clingy, and desperate.

Or so conventional dating wisdom would have you believe.

Since I started dating in my late teens, I’ve grappled with how to handle the aftermath. Namely–what should I do if I had a good time? Should I wait for him to get in touch with me because I’m a woman and therefore must be passive? Or should I thank the guy who probably bought me at least a drink (even though I usually offer to go dutch). Because I wasn’t raised by wolves, I tend to send a quick appreciative text.

Over at XOJane, an anonymous male poster writes about a girl he slept with, whom he calls Crazy D, which could be me since my first name also starts with that letter. According to the poster, D has a problem with alcohol (so it’s probably not me because I have problems with my uppers, namely, caffeine). But her biggest, craziest offenses seem to be liking him “too much” and telling others how she felt and wanting to please him sexually. Oh, and when they slept together she gave him not one but two blow jobs! This is what he had to say about that egregious act:

It felt like an odd move — too much, too soon and slightly desperate. Who blows someone twice on the first date, I thought. It seemed surreal. Still, I did not say no.

I think her mistake was not being redundant but choosing an ass such as the author to bestow her largesse upon, but we’ve all done something along those lines. As one smart Jezebel commenter noted, “If I found a guy who went down twice in one night, I wouldn’t call him ‘crazy.’ I’d call him ‘keeper.'”


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