Art by Margarita Korol aka FEMA Fatale

Wow, I’ve been away from this site for awhile but I have a super good excuse–I was putting the finishing touches on my first book (self-published), a collection of gymnastics-themed personal essays called Heresy on the High Beam: Confessions of an Unbalanced Jewess. (Sort of sounds like Mutiny on the Bounty but with much less swashbuckling.)

Anyway, now that this project is done–finally!–I’m ready to resume my blogging over here. And dont you fret, I’ve stockpiled weeks worth of cringe inducing dating stories and observations.

This site and the book share one crucial factor in common (in addition to me): FEMA Fatale as the illustrator. The cover, which appears to the left of this post, was designed by the comics’ artist. Ours has certainly been a fruitful collaboration.

This week I’ve been blogging for the Jewish Book Council about the ebook this week and decided to discuss how I’ve collaborated with FEMA both on the book and this site. In essence what I described is a platonic love story about shared creativity and big earrings. (Check it out here.)

Those of you who have read through all of the comics know the “origin story” but here it is again in very brief:

I had just been called “The Anti-Girlfriend” by a guy, a former flame, to which I responded, “Because just like the antichrist, I’m Jewish and I have curly hair?” Next, I did exactly what anyone in my shoes would’ve done—bought the domain and resolved to create a website by the same name.

I mean, doesn’t everyone react that way when they’re called such a name? Buy a domain name and start a time consuming yet fun blog. Cheaper than therapy, right?

So please buy the book over at Amazon and support my weirdness. (And don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle–not necessary to buy and read the essays. Simply download the Kindle Cloud Reader app to your computer or your iPhone or iPad or other device, then buy the book and then enjoy!)

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