Nora Ephron, as most know by now, passed away on Tuesday night. The journalist-screenwriter-director best known for her romantic comedies (When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle) also said/wrote many smart things over the course of her long, illustrious career. This is one of them:

“Food has brought me joy in times when there wasn’t love or work or sex or money. It’s something that brings you pleasure even when you have little control over the lack of other pleasures. You can bring food into your home; when you’re a single girl who doesn’t have plans in the evening you can make yourself dinner for four.

And feel that you are not sad, because you’re not eating yogurt. And then if you’re having a good life, it adds something wonderful. I have friends who really do not understand why I would drive 40 miles for this cheese thing that we once drove 40 miles for in Italy, and I just feel terrible for them. What’s wrong with them? Uphill, also. On a winding road.”

I know that we’re told not to eat emotionally but I don’t see the harm in doing it every once in awhile. I dance out my feelings often and occasionally when I’m feeling down, I’ll order in something delicious and watch a movie on Netflix and between the food and the entertainment, I’m a much happier person by the end of the evening. No harm done. Yummy food goes a long towards making an evening spent at home a whole lot more exciting.

Of course, I’ll always be grateful to her for the movie scene that gave me my first bit of information about orgasms:



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