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This one was a little hard to turn down if only because I’m currently dogsitting for a black lab that sheds a LOT and I can’t seem to keep up with all of the extra cleaning/Swiffering this entails. It would be nice to have a free house cleaner, but I’m afraid I had to ignore this one. (Also, I never, ever respond to guys without pics up):

I like a good, sarcastic girl, so I will ask….do you want a houseboy? I can come clean for you, give you massages and do as you say in private. You can be as sarcastic as you want, in fact I prefer it.
I’m normal….just submissive in private and I have been a houseboy in the past. Just not recently.
I’m educated and employed, which is why I don’t have a pic on here, but I can assure you I am a normal, cute guy.
If you want to talk, maybe meet for coffee before I come over and serve you, let me know.

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