Photo via CC

I just spent fifteen minutes crawling on the floor, helping a friend search for a dropped birth control pill. (We found lint and two runaway Advils, but alas no hormonal pink pills.)

Eventually we gave up but my friend asked what is probably an oft asked question–why doesn’t each pack come with one or two extra of the actual pill (not the placebo) in case you drop one on the floor. Or down the toilet. Or down the drain. (I’ve managed to lose three quarter of acne medication by spilling down the bathroom sink.)

“Sort of like the extra button packs that come with blouses,” I said.

So why don’t we get one extra pill to take in the event of slippery fingers? I promise I wouldn’t hoard all of the extra pills to sell to teenagers in Texas. I would never do that. I would give it to them for free.

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