As many people know, men and women are segregated in Orthodox synagogues. A lot of reasons for this separation are suggested but one of the primary ones I frequently heard growing up centered around the idea that at certain points during the prayer service, a man cannot be distracted with “improper thoughts.” Meaning sex. And of course, since women are reduced to objects in this line of thinking–not full human beings but creatures who only possess the power to titillate–women must be hidden from view.

These sort of issues have come to the fore as Women of the Wall have tried to pray publicly on the women’s side of the Western Wall. These women have been characterized as “provocateurs” to put it euphemistically for wanting to express themselves publicly through ritual.

Since I enjoy taking things to their absurd yet totally logical conclusio, in this comic (drawn by our very own Seiglavi) the Anti-Girlfriend accidentally causes a sexual frenzy when she ventures over to the men’s side to retrieve a lost earring.

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