The marriage pact-makers.

I just rewatched My Best Friend’s Wedding (or more accurately, fell asleep to it–I watch Netflix to manage my insomnia) and at the very start, Julia Roberts’ character, Jules reminisces with her gay best friend (played by the dashing Rupert Everett) about the night that she and her longtime friend made the “marriage pact.” You know, that deal you make with a friend that if you’re not married by 40 then you’ll marry each other sort of thing.

Except in this movie, the two leads made the pact for…28. First, I immediately went and looked up the age of the actors and Roberts was actually 30 when the movie was released (so at least a year younger when it was filmed) so this certainly fell into the realm of plausibility). I don’t know why I needed to verify this, but I guess that I watched it when I was so young and thought that the characters were sooo much older. I guess it surprised me to watch it again at 30 and realize that I’m practically the same age as the characters.

But back to the marriage pact–28? I know this movie came out in 1997, before the spate of articles about how people are marrying older (or not at all), but did people back then actually view 28 or even 30 (heaven forfend!) as some sort of cliff after which your¬†marriageability¬†stock plummets? Hasn’t 40 always been the respectable deadline for such “marriage pacts”?

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