Be afraid. Be very afraid.

A writer who is unapologetically single. She sometimes dates, but mostly she works and plays.

Maybe someday she’ll stumble into something meaningful and more long term than her relationship with sandwich maker, which is not a euphemism for anything. She just really likes her bread browned and her cheese melted. Again, THIS IS NOT A EUPHEMISM! You guys are disgusting. Get your fucking mind out of the gutter, will ya?

Also, all of the content on this site is copyright protected. If you use any of it without permission, you risk angering the dating gods and the half dozen lawyers in her family.



An artistic rendering of Seiglavi

An artist trapped in a body of a research analyst, a transplant from snowy lands of Belarus, harboring a deep love for horses. Her artistic inclinations showed at a very young age as she started compulsively drawing on every surface in sight including books, walls and papers around the house. As she grew older, the artist gave up defacing household property and started putting her skills to better use, documenting life experiences, including those of the Anti-Girlfriend. 


FEMA Fatale

She is an urban pop artist and sexpert specializing in relationship disaster cleanup. She is the artist in residence and her comics (written by the lady upstairs) portraying adventures of The Anti-Girlfriend highlight the worst ideas you’ve been humoring so you can go on with your bad self.

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