Your virginity in a box. (Photo by djking via CC)

I’ve always maintained that diamond engagements rings were wholly unromantic and that I never wanted one. (Oh, and I’m a two-drinks-on-a-date sort of girl. Guys should be lining up to propose to me because I clearly come cheap.) I never liked the idea of a guy tagging as his own with an expensive rock that has problematic humanitarian origins. Wedding bands, however, when they’re simple and matching, I find to be sweet. Both parties have the same ring, which symbolizes their commitment to one another. That’s something I can get behind.

Obviously, I’m in a minority when it comes to my sentiments about engagement rings. However before I read “The Strange (and Formerly Sexist) Economics of Engagement Rings” in the The Atlantic, I had little more than a general sense of ickiness and dislike of being demarcated as someone’s property on layaway as reason for my opposition to the diamond engagement ring. Now, I think they’re even ickier.

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